Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Wasn't All Wrong...

But how can an unabashed liberal say such a thing. Let me tell you why. Just as our government was hijacked by a group of hawks, mostly of the chicken variety, so has the Israeli government been. The NeoCons of the US, I am positive, collaborated with the Likkuds in Israel to start this war. To say Israel does anything over there without our consent is insane. When they are the #1 purchaser of weapons from the #1 arms dealer in the world (US) with the 4th largest army in the world they sort of dance to our tune.
For whatever crazy reason the NeoCon movement has always had a vested interest in the returning of all Semitic lands to Israel. I dont know why. NeoCons by their doctrine are not religious people, but think religion is something that should be used to con people into putting you into power. (Don't believe me then read Leo Strauss). So its not because of faith or belief. I dont know if the Neo Cons were conned into this policy belief, or what, but it is their driving doctrine. It seems as though they are controlled completely by this policy and will spend whatever American capitial to ensure it happens. But I see no reason why we should have anything to do with Israel's mess. Sure we created Israel with the help of the UN, but if they want to continue to live in a place where they constantly get bombed and killed, NOT OUR PROBLEM. If they want to go on a rampage and try and kill all the Arabs around them NOT OUR PROBLEM. We have bigger problems that directly affect the U.S. to worry about than a safe secure Israel. How about a safe and secure U.S.? or a Safe and secure IRAQ?
And dont give me that tired ass line of well we're fighting them over there so we dont have to fight them here. Uhhh they weren't over here (Iraq) until we made it possible for them to get here. Dont confuse the war on terror with this mistake. Hezbollah. Not our problem. They want to kill Israelis fine let them do it or let Israel kill all of them. I really dont give a shit. I'm just tired of seeing whiny fucking -Bergs and -Steins on television crying about how they are always the fucking victim when the have the complete support of the US government and have all the weapons we have in our aresenal and an army that is better trained but falls a little short on the numbers. You are responsible for the wars there. Quit acting like the victim. Attacking sovereign nations and killing innocent people doesn't exactly make you look innocent and doing it with the equipment provided by the US doesnt make us look any better and doesnt help win the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims here in Iraq. So, you are in fact making the situation in Iraq here worse. Example as we have for the past two years been able to quell the Mahdi Militia of Al Sadr they are making a comeback so they can go fight Israelis in Lebanon. If these two fucking bullshit religions want to slug it out for shitty piece of property where some fucking stories from their books of fables took place, fuck it, let them.
The other argument I dont want to hear is, "We cant allow countries to harbor terrorists, and any country that harbors them should be attacked." Well, in that case you are insinuating that America should be attacked as we harbor terrorists here. Or do you just me Muslim terrorists? Example Posada Carilles, who, after nearly annual attempts at extradition by the Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan governments for terrorist acts committed in or against those countries still lives the good life in the US under US protection. He was the main conspirator in the bombing of a Cubana Airliner killing 73 INNOCENT people and was also one of the main leaders of the Contras terrorist acts in Nicaragua. So, those who live in glass houses. But I forgot that over the past 5 years we only make rules we dont have to follow them, and the rules we abided by before we dont have to follow if those in power now consider them quaint or contrary to our goals. Like a schoolyard bully we use our brutishness to change the rules so that we can win.

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Human said...

As I don't know exactly what Mel said I can't say I agree with it.

The Bush Regime and the Sharonists are the biggest threat to us.

The facts of the Israeli-Arab conflict are not shown or fed to the people like the anti Moslem rhetoric is.

Most people don't even know who Posada is.

You and others in uniform can make a difference. Reachout, Unite, Plan and Act.

Peace.(I'll come back later, Lil Joe is a wanting to play.)