Thursday, August 31, 2006

On a More Somber Note

We like to think and say we are making progress over here, but there is one thing I notice as I drive down Iraqi streets. Men wandering aimlessly, staring out at my convoy with a listless, hopeless stare that seems to ask why have we done this to them. These men have nothing to do. Go out at all hours that it is not curfew and you will see all the men just standing outside their homes, or markets staring off into the distance. We want to know why they join the insurgency, its because they have nothing better to do, and no other way to make money. Let's see I can stand here and do nothing to support my family all day, or I can go plant this bomb and make $100. I mean really what would you do? I know the US is doing the best they can, but so are the insurgents (Iraqi and Foreign) at thwarting our every attempt to improve life for these miserable bastards. It just doesnt seem like there is any progress as month after month I see the same dudes starting at me from the same place everytime I roll out the gate. I guess the one bonus is that this means more IA/IP recruits which means more of a chance of the entire military pulling out sooner.

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