Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Iraq...its Hot...its sandy...its Hell...

Well, I am in a certain province that begins with an "A", and city that begins with an "R." My time so far has not been that bad. We've hit a couple of IEDs had a few rounds fired at us but all in all we are doing pretty well. Not too long before we get to go home where we get to redeploy our Brigade first from Iraq to Germany then from Germany back to Texas. No rest for the wicked. But we are over the hump on the downhill slope and from this side of the mountain the downhill side doesnt seem that bad.


Pixie said...

Fantastic news! You get to come home... is your lovely wife coming at the same time? I bet you two miss the hell out of your little one. T is at an FOB that starts with C near a place that starts with B. Was expecting him home for R&R in August but it doesn't look like that's going to happen now - given the most recent b.s.

Hang in there - you are so close.

*waves at Human*

Human said...

Ha Pixe beat me here! *waves*.

So glad to hear the news that you may be coming home. Funny, they are talking on CNN now about more troops being dispatched to Iraq.

I guess r was fallujaed. :(

The growing carnage in the ME must be stopped. Any ideas?

Peace. It is possible. Just not with these crazy bastards who are in power now.

TomPaine said...

They're pretty strict about the whole RandR thing its not like in part 1. When a 4 star says all soldiers will go on leave, thats what better happen. It may not be exactly when he's planning it but shortly after. I'm waiting on pins and needles to see who the hell they are going to move there. Wait a second part of Ts people are with us in Lazy R. If I know anything it's 1AD policy and its that everyone will get EML, and that should be the last month of EML for Ts unit seeing how close they are to ReDep.
We arent done here yet. We have to make it another 5 1/2 months but it looks a whole lot better than 12. My wife and I are in the same brigade so we both go back at the same time. Right now we are in two different camps, so I have to keep finding reasons to ride the 2 hour convoy to go see her.

No there was no carnage here on a a large scale. The Colonel has been on TV explaining it. We're basically taking little areas at a time, mostly without resistance, putting IP/IA stations there and then letting the IP/IAs handle anything that comes up with our assisstance. Since they/we get attacked everyday we are usually out there all the time. We do have forces in/near the city, but this is a great plan and only produces about .01% of the damage of a Fallujah type offensive. I mean after all I am supposed to be running the army's largest weapons systems (155mm Howitzer) and they have no use for it so I am doing infantry/cavalry shit. I'll write a blog about my ME peace plan today, probably wont be popular since I am vehemently anit-Zionist, which is what feeds this whole monster. But apparently if you are Jewish you have the right to kill UN observers, if Hezbollah would have killed UN observers in Israel, we would have a ready brigade from the 82nd Airborne jumping into Lebanon as we speak.
But it was good to hear from you guys. I'm going to have a few more posts then probably silence for a while after I vent, and I have to admit I have been cheating on blogspot with myspace :[ Take Care.

Pixie said...

Great to "see" you! Might you share that MySpace addy? Hmmmmmmmm? If you see T, give him a big wet kiss for me ;). His ID can be found at the Lair.

Stay strong!!!!!