Tuesday, July 25, 2006

There is no Zionist Conspiracy...

The fact that people tell me I'm crazy when I tell them the government at the very least was complicit in the attacks on doesnt give me much hope when I try to convince them that there are people in our government who wholeheartedly believe in the Book Of Revelations and will do anything to insure those prophecies come to fruition. Hence the complete acceptance by this Admin and the rest of the world that it is OK for Israel to conduct terrorist attacks on other nations. The 4th largest military in the world attacking a country that is already weak. My question is, if Israel kills an American in Lebanon do we get to invade Israel? Not to mention the attacking of a Muslim state by Israel, with the support of the US with US weapons and munitions, is not boding well for us over here in Iraq. Call me a cynic, but did Hezbollah ever show proof they had captured Israeli soliders? You would think something like that would be on Al Jazeera. There is not much you can do to stop the march of "Armageddon" now. Just sit back relax, enjoy the light show, and hope they all wipe each other out first.

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Human said...

Hi man. I've been pretty much offline for a couple of weeks. I read this post when you put it up and never got back to it.

I wanted to think of something empowering. Since your last line was so disempowering. I can't give up and watch the show. People like you, I and so many others need a multipronged strategy to address the problems.

Instead of giving up, any ideas?

How 'bout going the way of Lt. Watada?