Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I'm Still here

Well I'm in Iraq still...long lapse in posts because all of my anger has been vented towards insurgents/Iraqis, whatever you want to call them, the guys trying to blow me up, in a new spot in Iraq. On top of that internet has been scarce. Well we've relocated and are settling in the only downside is my wife and I are split up now. It really sucks because we've been there to comfort each other when we started feeling down about leaving our son behind but now we're too far apart to do that and rarely get to email each other. It sucks. Everyone tells me that now I get a taste of what everyone else has to deal with being separated from their spouse, which is not true at all because they dont have to worry about their spouse getting hit by an IED, or a sniper, or a mortar round. So its not the fucking same at all. The only thing you have to worry about is your spouse choking down too many little debbies from stress and putting on a few pounds before you get back, that's a little different than wondering whether everyday you'll get a call to come to the commander's office and him giving you the bad news.

But anyway the world of politics has gotten beyond my grasp...I dont get it, the guy has no popular support and has broken national and international law and is somehow still the president. What the fuck ever? Then we have his cronies in the White House leaking secret information and still able to keep the security clearances and hang around. Jesus. I dont know what more he has to do to just get impeached. I'm just tired of thinking about it. And really I dont have the time or energy anymore. I've lost all hope for the restoration of our republic.

Oh Yeah if you have a myspace account there is a band on there called Biteboy look them up and give them some money so they can go annoy the shit out of Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church for a day Sunday June 18th. Phelps is the guy protesting at soldiers funerals saying thank god for IEDs and all that happy horseshit. Apparently there is a biker gang that is going with biteboy as support. I dont know, I think kissing a few of those people with an aluminum baseball bat might be worth it. Fuck Fred Phelps and the pseudoChristians of the Westboro Baptist "Church".


flowers said...

hey focker, i cant believe you still have this page up and running. i was so pissed when i had you call at 7 in the morning that sunday, i thought it was a fucking telemarketer and did not awnser it. now i have been sitting by the phone waiting like a teenage girl with red beady eyes from the constant tears of not hearing from you again. so you are both there huh, i thought it was only you. Is hunter in Indiana or Germany. When the fuck do you get to come back to the real world? How are you????
i really fucking miss you brother, i am moving to california late august early september, it looks like i might and i stress might have a starting position in the editing room with Adam Sandler. how sweet would that be.
write me back my email is
hope you are well, keep your fucking head down and come back here so we can get drunk.
send your beautiful wife my love, Natalie sends hers to both of you.
Love you man cant wait to hear from you.

Pixie said...

It's great to see you again. DAMN. T's over there to buddy.

Post here when you can so Human and I know you're all together okay?

Off to feed the Biteboy so they can bruise a few Fred Phelpers.


Human said...

Hi buddy. I put up a post about Phelps a bit a go. There are thousands of Rolling Thunder and other guys signed up to escort the family so they don't have to be subjected to this harrassment. Some like Fox describe him and his supporters as "Anti War" protesters. The motorcyclists rev their engines so loud that Phelps and gang(mostly just his immediate family) are not heard either.
In my same post I objected to Code Pink's demonstrating at Walter Reed.
A time and place for everything.

Don't give up. We need people like you to help set things right when you get back.