Thursday, April 16, 2009

5 years by the numbers Part I

5 Years in the Army by the Numbers

As of June 2009 I will have been on Active Duty as an officer for 5 years here are a few of the stats.

5 years=60 months


Deployed: 30 months (50%)

School: 11 months (18%)

Field: 7 months (12%) (preparing to deploy)

At home in garrison with unit: 12 months (20%) (preparing to deploy)

My career has been schoolhouse, prepare to deploy, deploy, schoolhouse, prepare to deploy, deploy, schoolhouse (July 2009)...

It's beginning to get monotonous.


Human said...

Monotonous? Obviously an understatement. You got about 2 years left eh? (Trying to go my memory). I read below post too. You all need to come home. If I had my 1st choice(Ron Paul) you would be by now. And the Bastards who started it all would be in jail. I guess we have to push President Obama around to get him to do his job.
Well, thanks for thinking of me.

Human said...

That should of been "trying to go by my memory". lol!

Anonymous said...

CPT Paine, right? Thank you for posting your stats. I've been debating whether nor not I want to switch over to active duty. I'm like you almost... I enlisted in 06 and I just received my commission in May.

I'm working, but the civilian career is pretty... meaningless. And its not like I have lots of jobs to choose from with this crappy economy.

I'm an MI officer, what do you think I should do? Thank you, sir.