Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"We step forward...

...because the US Army never steps back." That's what my Drill Sergeant told me in basic training during our bayonet assault course. I believed it too.
Last week a group of US Army National Guard soldiers were engaged with small arms fire by international felons illegally invading our country. Before I get too deep into this let me just say I am by no means a racist, a xenophobe, or isolationist. There are legal means to enter our country and if you wish to be here you may do so. So, you would think that after they got shot at they would return fire. Nope. They're not allowed to. Wait a second even a private citizen has the right to defend themselves when being shot at.
Let's say you are in your house, some people jump over your fence come into your yard and start shooting at you. If you are a gun owner, experienced marksman, like myself, you shoot back, and you have every right to. You have every right to defend yourself, your property, and your family. It's the same prinicple with the member of the US Army on the border. They are sent there to defend their home, people are jumping over the fence illegally and then shooting at them, how can they not have the right to shoot back? How can they not have the right and the means to defend not only themselves but the sovereignty of the US from these attacks?
This was an attack on our nation, and an assault on our military by invaders, and people just brush it off. Did you know that three times last year that armed Mexican military units clandestinely crossed over the border into the US?
What's it going to take for us to use our military, political, and economic might to secure our border, or just annex Mexico?


Human said...

Hi Marcus. I was just thinking about making a post/plan about Illegal Immigration last night. I'll save my particulars for that. Suffice to say for right now, any plan would have to tie in 2 at present self imposed and monumental obstacles.
1st we start treating our very valuable neighbors like we want to be treated. Stop trying to keep them as Slave Farms with a hand picked overseer.

2nd The Secret Government and the influx of Illicit Drugs are tightly interwoven.

Also, there should be no need for the National Guard to be patrolling the border except for an exercise movement.
lthough I did not read the articles about this incident, it was my understanding that any NG unit was to be coupled with the BP. People are found chopped up on the border all the time. Just a couple a days ago the whole Tijuana Civilian Police force was told to turn in all their weapons. Army and the Federal Police have been sent to enforce this. All the weapons seized are to be lab tested for any ties into crimes committed with firearms. This threat to our National Security has gone on long enough. For the 10 years that I last lived in So. California, I know of 2 times the whole Tijuana Police Force was fired.

I agree it is a farce that the NG is thrust into a deadly mission and not allowed to return fire.
As to the whole Pro Gun anti Gun question. I don't think it is an accident that the 1st Amendment of Free Speech is followed by the 2nd one The Right to Bear Arms. Thank You Founding Fathers.


Human said...

Hi Marcus.
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Human said...

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clif said...

Marcus, if Bush really got mad and tried to do something about the Mexican situation he would not be able to BORROW money from Mexico to fund his wars for oil like he does, it is simple, you do NOT attack your bankers , and Bush's bankers like China Japan and Mexico call the shots with Bush.