Thursday, January 04, 2007


When the military does your evaluation reports they like things quantifiable. They like numbers here are the numbers on my sacrifice, thus far...
My wife and I have been married for 46 months and have spent 17 of those living together.
We had a child in May 2005 and had to ship him off from Germany where we are stationed to live with his grandmother for three months from the time he was 4 months until the time he was 7 months old. We then had to fly him from Germany back to the US two months later as we deployed to Iraq on a 12 wait, 14 month...what could become a 16 month tour of Iraq because we have to sacrifice. And by the way the Army doesnt pay for him and my mother-in-law to fly back and forth so we were also out almost $6,000 on plane tickets in 2005.
So let's do the math on that one: my son is now almost 21 months old and has spent 15 months living with his grandmother, which is going to be at least 17 out of 23, and could possibly become 19 out of 25 of the most precious first two years of his life.
We're out all the money out of pocket we've had to spend to ensure he didnt get third rate healthcare because my mother-in-law doesnt live near a military base so she cant get a good pediatrician, or use our healthcare at most offices.
So my wife and I have sacrificed being parents to our child whom we love more than anything in the world. And we have sacrificed being companions to one another so we could fight this damned war neither one of us has believed in from the beginning.
We're both hollow shells now. All you have left to take is our physical life, because it doesnt seem that we are ever going to leave this place. We are never going to escape death's shadow. Because you can just keep extending our unit with disregard for the lives that are destroyed by the haplessness of your mistake.

I guess a man who sacrificed the first 40 years of his life to beer and blow, got his cushy assignment in a champagne unit in the Air Guard during VietNam, got his legacy scholarships to Yale and Harvard, got bailed out of failed business after failed business by his dad, and spent 60% of his first 4 years in the oval office on vacation knows all too much about sacrifice though.

I know I signed up for this. No I didnt. I didnt sign up to protect and defend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iraq, my oath clearly states, "support and defend the Constitution of the United States." And on top of that we have done our time. We did our year plus some. We did our tour of sacrifice, now it is our turn to go home. Let's not have to have one more memorial ceremony for my Brigade. Or any other for that matter. We've done all we can here. It's up to the Iraqi's to sacrifice now, not America. It's up to the Iraqis to defend Iraq, not America.


Human said...

Hi Marcus. My response to this is included in my response to your comment at my place.

On the Good News wire, I must say after watching C-SPAN today the Repubs seem to be quite hurt, pissed and worried. They are whining up a storm on the "Majorities tactics" and such. They already pushed the ethics reform through. I'll give credit to Speaker Pelosi.Begrudgingly.

I'd like to forward this post/letter to Rep. Murtha and the others in the Dem. Leadership if I can please. Of course your real name would have to be used.

I'm still hoping Rep. Conyers will expose the Bush Regime for what it is, despite his "No Impeachment" statement.


supergirlest said...

i just came over from human's site, only to find this post that has left me in tears and solidly knocked the wind out of me.

i have a son your son's age - he was born in april of 2005 - and i cannot even fathom for a second not being with him. i just simply can't imagine, on so many levels.

i'am so sorry.

this sort of sacrifice is one that is rarely spoken of and must be for so many of those enlisted right now. it breaks my heart - that you're away from your wife and child for such horribly bogus reasons. then to learn that there is zero support for you two in transporting your son?!?! it's an outrage. all of it.

i sit here now, hoping with everything that i have that you are soon reunited with your family and all of you are home safe and sound.

supergirlest said...

p/s - may i link you on my page?

msliberty said...

I came from Kara's page.

Your raw, heart-felt description of your family's sacrifice brings me to tears too.


And I hate what it does to people.

The line that is the most painful for me to read is this one:

"We're both hollow shells now."

May you both be filled with the love and compassion of strangers. We are doing what we can to bring you home.

Sicily Sue said...

I was directed to your site through Supergirlest. I am so sorry that you suffer through this war. I am sad that our president is such an idiot. I hope you can come home soon...and be reunited with your family...and create the life that you should have. I am sorry that these careless excuses for politicians have caused so much harm to you and the innocent. I am sorry that your desire to make a difference in the world has been twisted by the immoral choices of a corrupt group of men. As with all horrible truths you must continue to speak. Thank you for speaking. We need to hear from people like you.
I can’t imagine how hard it must be to keep going. I hope you return soon and can have the chance to be with your child. May your son never endure what you have endured.

There is a street musician I have seen sing. His name is Jim Hinde. His is amazing.

Shout Down the Wind

I was born and raised American,
So proud to use that name.
The flag of truth and justice,
Defenders of the same.
My eyes were opened in Viet Nam,
Pride was turned to shame.
My flag has flown at half-mast ever since.
Shout down the wind
Of the storm clouds rolling in.
You know there must be something done,
But you don’t know where to begin.
Don’t give up and don’t give in.
If you’ll stand the street again,
I’ll stand by your side
And we’ll shout down the wind.
The cartoon vision of Uncle Sam
In a snow-white cowboy hat,
Riding freedom and democracy
On a worldwide righteous path.
If not for the dead and dying,
It would surely make me laugh.
We’re serving apple pie
From the barrel of a gun.
I think it’s time we took our country back.
I think you feel the same.
We’ve become a nation of warlords,
Bullies by another name.
If we stand for truth and justice,
Then let that justice reign
With the standing truth “justice starts within.”

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I too, am here via Supergirlest (Kara). I am a Vietnam vet, so I know at least a little of what you face over there. But the insane sacrifice demanded of you and your wife, beyond your promised service, leaves me furious!! The insane killer who is punishing you (there is no other word for it)for offering to protect America...there are no words for him I wish to use on your blog!

May you and your wife soon be reunited with your precious son, and the hell with Iraq, and the hell with Bush!!

BSB said...

I am also here through Supergirlest....

How touching... I can't even imagine what you are going through...

I truly hope that you and your family will be reunited in 2007.. this is my wish for you.

clif said...

Marcus sorry for the Idiot and his minions who think YOU and your family should sacrifice for their gain and them getting the oil from Iraq for their coffers. Things never really change, the reichwingnuts screech for sacrifice and bloodshed if it is others doing the sacrifice and bleeding, and they get all the profits out of it. Stay safe and keep your guys as safe as you can, we here have not forgotten you. Clif