Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Reality's a Bitch

Nov 7th 2006 was my early Christmas present. Thank you America. I knew you had it in you.


clif said...

Marcus, this Tuesday the American people remembered who they were, and who came before them, I think they realized each one of us is responsible for preserving this great nation and passing it on to the next generation. I thank you for the part you do, even though I oppose the war you are fighting with every bit of my soul. As time moves forward the corruption will be routed out, and the unconstitutional actions will be stopped. Then America can begin the long road back to the shining example of fairness REAL freedom and justice we used to be known for. This election proves once again the founding fathers really knew what they were doing, and hopefully each one of us can uphold their excellent example. Stay safe brother.

msliberty said...

Happy early birthday!! :)

We celebrated big around my place.