Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Neo Con Incompetence

I've come to realize there is an inherent flaw in Neo Cons running a war of stability and support operations (SASO). They lack the morals and values necessary to fight such a war correctly. To fight a an insurgency correctly requires empathy, to know how the people are suffering and being able to correct it before your enemy can. It require an ability to understand complex social structures and networks and work within those networks to achieve compromise amongst the indigenous people. In other words, a war such as this requires flexible diplomacy from the strategic to the tactical level with a common goal. That goal was unapparent in the beginning months of this war and that's when we lost our momentum. The Neo Cons don't even care about the people they supposedly govern, I reference Hurricane Katrina as one example, why would they care about the plight of people who can't unelect them, or have no power to stop them. Someone once said, "Terrorism is the war of the powerless, and war is the terrorism of the powerful." So, what are the powerless going to resort to when they see their grievances, inflicted by us, are not being addressed? The war of the powerless.So, Neo Cons, lacking simple human emotions, morals, and values, and having no other goals but unlimited power, are the wrong people to fight any war, much less a war where the will of the occupied is the center of gravity, and the deciding factor for victory.


doctor freudeus von worfeus said...

I hope you run for congress.

And if you do, I hope you can avoid the lure of the ring, or whatever it is that seems to invariably corrupt everyone who does, even those who start with the best of intentions.

Like the old Army motto, Congress needs to enlist a "few good men".

clif said...

Tom, why be competent when deceit, dishonesty, fraud, bribery, kick backs, smear campaigns, lies, and Lots and Lots of campaign donations will win almost every time. The sheeple eat it up, and turn on American Idol, or the latest chapter of pretty, dumb, blond and missing . And they can refinance their house to gamble in Las Vegas, or suntan in Florida for a couple of weeks while digging the debt hole that much deeper.

The neo-cons had no more an intention of bringing "democracy" to Iraq than the Nazi's had bringing it to Poland. They had to sell a war to people who ask for facts in 30 second sound bites, and fear sells like nothing else. So they lined up the "reasons" for the war and have spewed them out. One lie at a time, until even the Kool-aid swilling fooles could no longer accept it with a straight face, then just switch to the next lie. No explanation necessary, because the latest lie is the only relevant lie as far as their justification of the war is concerned. The previous lie that is discarded is inoperative, and bringing it up is simply being unpatriotic. We are at the point when the lies have failed to cover up the stench of the fiasco the neo-cons have wrought upon us.

NOW they have the Gall to ask what the progressives, who screamed at the top of their lung NOT to go, what we would do with the abortion of a country they made Iraq into. It is not what went wrong that haunts them, but the fact that with their voter suppression and Diebold machines, and wiz bang GOTV campaigns it might not be enough this time. So they attempt to spread the blame to all of us because WE have no plan to fix what they broke even if we tried to tell then NOT to. That is NO plan, and therefore we are at fault for not pulling their assess out of the fire.

Drowning people, destroyed cities in both Iraq and America, body bags, and piles of Iraqi torture victims at the Baghdad morgue do not slow them down. Tens of thousands of innocent people swept up for nothing more than being in the wrong skin at the wrong time, is the price they indigenous population is expected to pay for the "freedom" they got. Freedoms like being tortured at Abu Ghraib, and having their homes raided, and getting shot at checkpoints because they were never raised to speak English. It is collateral damage for the plan, the PNAC plan to control the oil market and middle east for another generation. We who were not anointed by GOD are supposed to sit down and shut up, because we obviously have NO right to challenge them in their mission, which it seems was NOT ACCOMPLISHED after all.

But that is a small detail that the rightwingnut talking heads can pass of as the fault of those who impeded them from achieving the righteous plans of dear leader. Remember it really is all our fault we did not fight harder for their illegal plans. We did not give up enough freedoms and sacrificed the lives of those they send into harms way silently enough(except for the photo ops of memorial day and veterans day). The troops are supposed to fight the war, and show up for the patriotic campaign backdrop images. Those who care for them should be grateful that the troops were given the chance to serve dear leader.

It is really all our fault we are not grateful enough, not for what they stole, No we are not grateful enough for what they have not stolen yet, and we still have. We are at fault because we dare to question them, and demand a resemblance to the reality we see, NOT the spin they claim it is. We complicate their plans because we will NOT rubber stamp them like their sycophantic minions in congress have for the last four years have done. And we expect results that include more than an increase of their bottom line, and an ever rising stock market.

Silly us, we thought the country was about all of us, which included truth, justice, honor, and a shared responsibility. At least NOW we know the error of our ways.

Human said...

It's going as planned. The partition is all but official. Est. are over 1 million have fled Baghdad in the last year.

Kurds in the North. Shia in the South. The Sunnis get to keep the middle. Which has, no oil. The Sunnis will not settle for that, so it will be an ongoing War w/the profits still pouring in.

In the water, the Navy is 37% deployed. RP being Gulf. This is only slightly higher of a % on regular deployment(33% being the standard, 1/3 deployed, 1/3 refit, 1/3 overhaul). So, what refit is getting sped up"(rhetorical query).

I expect a Tonkin Gulf scenario, coupled w/ a Domestic False Flag OP after Nov. 7th.

That is if the votes are counted. 10% of absentees in Ohio have been already thrown out. Blackwell(R-NAMBLA) who is in charge of counting in Ohio is running for Governor. Overnight many "Polls" have gotten even.

As you may know Habeas Corpus has been nullified. The same day the Glorious Leader also suspended Posse Comitatus.
The second was not reported by the MSM.

So, forget about Defending the Constitution. There is not one anymore to Defend.

As for you or your buds having their vote counted?
Read and share this

I also want to let you know that there is a letter circulating signed by Active members calling for a pullout. I can't find a copy. Maybe you can and would consider signing it. A few Brave guys have been interviewed on TV about it. Over a 100 have done so.
Maybe you can find it. I've e-mailed Military Families Speak Out, but have not received a reply yet.

Well, keep safe friend.

Wish I could tell you something positive.


Human said...

"Over a 100 have done so." I mean signed it.


Human said...

taa daaa -

Knowing what I know of you, you probably have written letters to your Reps.
I think one signed by you with others will have a greater impact.

This is the full text
"As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to support the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq . Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home."

The link also addresses legal issues.
There is also a link to GI Rights Hotline at my place.


Human said...

oops, I just copy the tag from my own tmplt when putting in links..
left the edit me in there. Oh yeah, you already knew that. Like duh


TomPaine said...

I signed the appeal for redress at about two weeks ago. I thought it would be receive just as much attention from the Reps and press as every other petition I had signed. This one was a little different I guess.

Human said...

Wow. Fastest reply yet! I expected one in a week at the earliest.
I shoulda known you are on top of resistance :)

I just gave your blog address to a good blog friend. His name is John Good. And he is too!
A fellow Hoosier(whatever that is) I also kid 'im pretending not to know where Indiana is. He posts funny stuff too.

This is his - He's left near Fort Wayne.