Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ayn Rand and her followers are sociopaths

It's not that there would be a shortage of people to run those corporations but there would be a shortage of people with the sociopathic mentality to run the corporation as it would be wished to be run by the stock holders and Boards of Directors.

They need amoral people who have no problem putting money and profit ahead of people. These sociopaths are few and far between. There aren't very many people willing to actually sell out their fellow man for a few more dollars, people who will take the entire burden of the actions, allowing the boards and stock holders to place distance between themselves and the actions of their corporations.

The only thing they produce is the cover for the sociopathic, authoritarian dominator plutocrats and oligarchs to continue to consolidate power and money and through money consolidate more power.

Ayn Rand’s admiration of sociopaths extends beyond the captains of industry as her infatuation with murderer William Hickman is well documented. If this is the type of person she admired, the type of person upon which she wrote “Atlas Shrugged,” then what does that say about the people worshipping at the altar of objectivism? They are no better, at least mentally and morally, than the cultists that followed Manson to the Tate home. Although they may not realize it because the authoritarian followers will not allow this information to penetrate their bubble and if it does it will be dismissed as a lie because it is something that does not confirm their world view.


Computer Repairs Brisbane said...

Wow Its about time someone stood up for the people! Nice work Tom! Anger Management

Bret “Ginx” Alan said...

I'm not sure whether to disagree or not. On some level, I see what you're saying, in regards to it taking a certain type of rare person to do these things. However, the statement that most people would not sell out their fellow human for a few bucks is scientifically inaccurate.

Studies have been done where not only will people shock someone else if told to do so by an authority figure, a fairly recent study offered money, and found that people would shock total strangers for a few bucks, and that was even with seeing a video monitor supposedly showing the shock being administered (it was actually pre-recorded). If you can't see the victim, it's very easy to exploit others. America collectively does so as a nation to millions every day, both inside and outside our borders.

As with most ideologies, I don't think Objectivism is putting a new idea into people's heads, but is rather playing on a natural impulse already present and refining it, sharpening it to the point where it can actually do some damage.

Techskeptic said...

I cant remember if it was a recent Radiolab podcast or a recent This American Life where they talked about a psychological test developed in the 70s to determine if someone s a sociopath.

This test is administered to people trying to get on parole, and f they scre above some number they are automatically rejected. The developers of the the test predicted this use and hate it. (because its not 100% correct)

Well then they administered it to some business mogul, who by all intents and purposes was a full on sociopath.

fun times.

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Fowl Ideas said...

Actually, sociopaths are anything but "few and far between."