Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baggers in the Sky with Diamonds

Tea Baggers to Arms, to arms, they want to end a NASA program. First, I doubt that a majority of Americans can tell you what NASA means. There are just a few problems with the Tea Party outraged for the continued funding of the space program. First of all, the Tea Party doesn’t like science and space travel is all science. A majority of the Tea Partiers are Christian and a majority of those are young-earther’s which is the modern equivalent of flat-earthers. People who believe, like Sarah Palin, that the Earth/universe is 6,000 years old and dinosaur fossils were planted by Satan to trick us. I only say that they are mostly Christian because as stated by Palin the real America isn't east-coast secualrists. I can only assume that means mid-western atheists by association. I find it hilarious that these mostly scientifically-ignorant people, who don’t believe in science are so aghast at the end-run of a space program that was defunded under the Bush administration. Their best guess is that the spaceship is powered by magic Jesus dust and astronauts pass God and angels sitting on clouds as they shoot into space. Space, which was created 6,000 years ago by their almighty God, you remember, is the final frontier. Now it’s about the technology and the jobs. But, do you really want a government agency to be a jobs program? So, if they don’t want the science, since all scientists are liars beholden to their god Darwin, and they don’t want government creating jobs what do they want from NASA? I guess really when it comes down to it they just appreciate a good memory-foam mattress to kneel next to as they talk under their breath to the omnipotent, imaginary father-figure-in-the-sky.

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Anonymous said...

Do you even know what NASA means????