Tuesday, August 18, 2009

People who bring guns to debates are PUSSIES

Let me start this rant by saying that I am one of the few self -described liberals you'll find that is a member of the NRA and has a CHL in two states.

People who bring guns to meetings bring them for one reason: Passive-aggressive intimidation. They may not even realize why they are doing but that is why. It is their way of intimidating people who are pro-healthcare. The want to make people fearful, and stifle all debate, but because they have nothing to add but "Nuh-uh" they carry weapons.

They are saying, "Look, if you do something or say something that I don't like, I have the power to take your life." But instead of saying it outright like a real revolutionary they parade around in their mopey passive aggressive nature. These people are mental midgets. They have no way of arguing so they let the threat of force and violence argue for them. They have a very authoritarian, fascistic, if you will, mindset.

You don't intimidate me assholes and no one else should be intimidated by these dumbasses either. They are moronic, passive-aggressive, nimwits who should have their CHLs, if they are mentally stable enough to have one, revoked for public endangerment, especially if they are walking around in t public with a round chambered, as I saw on the news, in a semi-automatic rifle.

There's a way to pick the dumbest ones out ... they'll have the most and biggest guns strapped to them in the most prominent manner. A smart gun-owner knows that surprise is the biggest advantage you have and concealing is the best policy for protection; hence my CHLs. Hence the reason I know that they are not carrying them for the purpose of self-protection. The only reason you would display it publicly is for INTIMIDATION!

It is just a matter of common decency that you don't display your weapons in public. And going to a large public area where the President is going to be with a loaded gun is disrespectful to the Law Enforcement Officers that have to protect him, the people in the crowd, and the President himself. I would never go to a large venue like that strapped, open-carry or concealed. Again the only reason to display it is to intimidate people.

The reason this pisses me off more than anything is that I hate this passive-aggresive bullshit. Really, that's what's making me angry.

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