Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Why family is not off limits

Yesterday, Sen. Obama issued a message stating that family is off limits. While, I agree it should be Conservative politics seem to differ.

At the heart of the conversation is the politicians stance on Roe V. Wade, which has nothing to do with pregnancy, abortion, life, or even choice, but a person's right to privacy. Roe V. Wade was simply the machine that stated women had a right to privacy in matters concerning their own bodies and that right should not be infringed. The Chritian Taliban, which believes Roe should be overturned has been singing Palin's praises since she was announced as VP, in an almost deafening cacauphony that doesnt seem to stop because of her strong stance as being pro-life/anti-choice/anti-privacy.

Should we afford her daughter the same rights that she believes shouldn't exist. After all, she believes that everything a woman does with her body should be public business, concerning the life of the unborn...right. I guess we should look more closely into her endangering the life of her child by hopping on an airplane after he water broke. Making a layover then continuing onto Alaska. Seems a bit dangerous for the life of the child.

She doesn't believe sex education should be taught in school and this will lead to more pregnancies, so maybe it should be made very public as she sets the example on how you deal with unexpected teen pregnancies. Hopefully, she is much better example than the Spears'.

Is family off limits? Most certainly. Unless you believe those matters are best decided by the machine of state, which should have control over when you are allowed to reproduce or not reproduce.

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