Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Next Tatoo

From the guy who designed the Obama posters. It's the cover of his new book and it will be on my shoulder blad in September. E Pluribus Venom!!!

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Anonymous said...

News Tip:

Sometime in August Mayor Greg Ballard will be meet with a few local pastors to discuss funding programs dealing with crime fighting (prevention and intervention). Some of the discussion have already occurred with a list of FOB (Friends of Ballard) being created by Deputy Mayor Williams and the Front Porch Alliance Director. The list only includes pastors who agree to the following:

1) Play nice during Black Expo (No criticism of the Mayor or his staff during Black Expo)

2) Distance themselves from Amos Brown and Radio One and if they do appear to speak non-negatively about the Ballard Administration.

3) Allow the Mayor and his staff access to their churches periodically during the remianing years to talk positively about the grant dollars given to them by Ballard, in support of their program.

4) Embrace the "Peace in the Streets" program and coordinate all crime fighting efforts supported by the grants with the Christamore House to assure a consistant message.

No a bad plan really.

So if you want to get on the list talk to Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams, but you need to be coy because officially the list doesn't exist.