Friday, February 23, 2007

Great to back...

...even if it is only Germany.
It's great to be back home. Been back since the 19th. Dont have the internet hooked up yet at my house so time is limited, as is my knowledge of the outside world. Just spending time travelling with the wife before we go pick up the little one. Thanks to all of you for your support, words of encouragement, and just being out there to vent through this awful thing.
More posts to come...hopefully the internet will get connected soon.


clif said...

Glad to hear the two of you are out of that hellhole, enjoy your time together and your little one, hope all goes well for you in the future, thanks for your service, even if the Idiot in Chief is wasting it. I can remember my first few days back from the Gulf war, it is a strange feeling to go from a combat theater to "normal" life. Take some real time to decompress. and allow the feelings and insanity to seep away from your approach to daily life.

Human said...

Yippie Yeahh!

Oh to hug your Wee One again!


supergirlest said...

i think that this is, hands down, the best news that i've heard this year!!! i'm so glad that you're home - and that you'll be with your son again soon! i'm teary, just thinking about the reunion! hugs all around!!!!

Lydia Cornell said...

Wow, I am so THRILLED to hear you are back! Clif and Human told me.

So happy that you and your wife are safe and able to be with your child.

I am hosting a new Progressive Talk radio show and would love to have you on for an interview sometime when you get back to the states.

Marcus, can you do me a favor and see if you can log onto my blog when you get the internet going? We have been blocked somehow and this is a test.
Love & Peace,