Monday, September 25, 2006


We knew it was coming all along...the extension of the 1BDE, 1AD. We have officially been extended to stay in Ramadi because there is no unit that could replace us without violating "dwell time" standards. For OPSEC reasons I wont say which unit or for how long we are extended but it's shorter than most extensions, considering last time 1AD was here it was for 15 months. This news comes on the day when I find these headlines on Army Knowledge Online or AKO for short:

Army Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short
An extraordinary action by the chief of staff sends a message: The Pentagon must increase the budget or reduce commitments in Iraq and elsewhere.
By Peter Spiegel, Times Staff Writer

They chose this goddamn war now they want to starve the military that's fighting it. Remember Mr. Secretary, we all know now this was a war of CHOICE. So, you better come up with the fucking money to fight it right.
Washington Times: September 25, 2006
Army Considers More Combat Units For Iraq
Escalated deployments eyed to tackle violence
By Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times

Escalated deployments such as for the unit replacing us.
"We'll be greeted as liberators." 2003
"Major combat operations in Iraq have ended." 2003
"I think what we are seeing here is an insurgency in its last throes." 2004
New York Times: September 25, 2006
Unit Makes Do As Army Strives To Plug Gaps
By David S. Cloud

A story about 3ID training with minimal equipment and time because all of their equipment was torn up by the last deployment, or it got left behind as what is called Theater Provided Equipment. The Army version of hand-me-downs.
Washington Times: September 25, 2006 Pg. 1
U.S. Soldiers See Inept Output By Iraqi Troops
By Antonio Castaneda, Associated Press

Look these Iraqis are never going to take over their own country they are too afraid. I talk to the Iraqi soldiers here in Ramadi and they are not from here. They are from completely different regions of the country. They tell me that "Ramadi is no good. All Ali Baba." Ali Baba is the word for a thief or a bad person. They dont like the people here and have no reason to want to defend them because they are outsiders just like us being attacked by them. On several occasions I've been asked to attach IA convoys to mine and have refused on the grounds that this is their country and if they are too afraid to drive a convoy at night in their own country then they are never going to take over and we are never going to leave.


Lydia Cornell said...


How are you holding up? The CARE PACKAGE is on its way. I put a lot of goodies in there (and Rice Krispie Treats) plus DVDs of some movies, and magazines, etc.

Mike sent you a package last week. Did you get it yet?

Let us know how you are over at the LYDIACORNELL BLOG:
Lydia and the boys
America loves you!!

clif said...

Marcus, as an army Officer who went a similar path you took, I was also a ROTC graduate but from a southern University, and served in Desert Storm. I guess I had a similar Kool aid losing experience when the Shiite Iraqi's revolted in 1991, after Bush 41 egged them on, and when Saddam's forces attacked civilians with Helios and tanks, a hell of a lot of USD wanted to go in and kick the Iraqi Military ass, and stop the slaughter of civilians, But we were told it was NOT our fight. This just DAYS after we were told to cease fire ON THE VERY SAME army.

I had to try to figure out why If they attacked Kuwait it was our fight, but if they attacked people north they were NOT . Why our President could insite the Shiites to revolt, but prevent the US military from providing cover so that revolty could succeed.

After the war I realised the realpolitik that was being played there. To BUSH Saddam was OK if he would just stay inside "his" box...and perform when DC wanted him to(just as he did in 1980 by attacking Iran.)

Realizing that what you were sold was a load of BULL, when your standing in the sand, and on the receiving end, is not a good thing, but at least you are never going to be FOOLED by a$$clowns like this anymore.

I was all for Bush 43 going into Afghanistan and putting Osama's head on a pike in the center of Kabul, to show the world, and the terrorists NOT to attack the US, but when I saw WHAT was happening, with very limited troops, and Osama escaped, I realised they were NO fully serious about going after him.

They put a lot more assets into getting Saddam and his sons then they ever put into getting Osama. and that should be telling what the Neo-cons really are after. Control, and power, not getting Osama. Iraq and Iran are the keys to the middle east, who ever controls the two basically controls the region, for many reasons, the most important being, those two countries were the MILITARY powers there.

Iraq scared Saudi Arabia so much in 1990 that king Fiasal allowed US troops to put hundreds of thousands of boots on sacred Muslim soil. And Saddam was bolstered in the 1980's as a hegemonic against Iran.

So the neo-cons are all about taking down military-poliotical powers that might stand in their way. And this is not going their way, so they are wanting to throw IRAN into the mix. Not good, but what else have they got? The US citizens are waking up, and NO longer believe them or their distortions. This IS going to change come November, when they get their first jolt of reality when a good number of the rubberstampers of these failed policies get told ...GET A REAL job. and hoipefully the people who replace them, do what is necessary to resolve this insane situation.

Be safe brother, as I posted on Lydia Cornell's blog, you all need to come HOME in one piece, and get your lives back with your lloved ones,

THANK YOU for your service, and comehome soon , Clif