Friday, January 13, 2006

Troops Morale Hurt by President's Undermining of Democracy

Here's a post for all you brain-dead, flag-waving, red-state, lobotamized Coservative, Republican, Neo-Cons, and TheoCons, especially members of the Straussian Bush-Cheney Neo-Con deathcult. I'm going to try and not use any big words, but go ahead and pull out your dictionaries just in case you need some help, and dig in because its going to be a long one.

"Conservatives" keep spinning Rep. Murtha's comments by saying that he is hurting the morale of the troops. Well, I consider myself a soldier, not really a troop, because I am not officially in a Cav unit, but anyway, I've been in the Army since 1999. I'm a soldier, and I see what John Murtha says as the truth. I'm not signing back up, and almost everyone I talk to isn't, so when he says he wouldn't reenlist, he's following the sentiment of most of the people in my circle, maybe my circle isn't representative of the Army, I dont know. I just know 60-70% of the people I know aren't signing back up. It's sad but true. So, Rep. Murtha is expressing popular sentiment amongst myself andmy peers, and being honest with the American people and expressing his OPINION as someone who has served gallantly in the military for an extended period of time that he wouldn't enlist today. Fair enough. Didn't hurt my morale, as a matter of fact it boosted it, because if someone of his experience in the Armed forces sees the problems I do, 1) he's actually paying attention and listening and 2) he's probably going to work on fixing them.
There have been many reasons given for invading Iraq, it's gone from he was a threat to spreading freedom like it's Avian Flu and once it's in the air it infects everyone it's around, and apparently in Iraq has the same mortality rate, but I digress. So, we are there to institute a Free Iraqi State. OK, I'll buy that for a dollar. I like freedom, and my neighbors seem to like it, so, why the hell not? Just last week it came out that the Federal government has been spying on citizens private phone calls without warrants, not even the bullshit pseudo-warrants issued by the FISA that allow the government to moinitor your calls for three days to collect evidence to have probable cause to get a real wiretap warrant. So, the Federal government with the blessing of the executive is violating the Constitution, specifically the 4th Amendment. The President also had to be coaxed to sign a bill saying we wouldn't torture people, which would seem like a pretty American thing to not do. On top of that the government has been whiddling away our freeedoms bit by bit.
Now, the Murtha comment, I believe came out the same week as the wirtapping fiasco. I am now going to ask a question, in a mostly rhetorical fashion, what hurts the morale of the "troops" more 1) an elected representative of the people speaking his mind and opinion, which, seems to be a mostly true sentiment, or 2) the President of the United States colluding to violate the freedoms that we are supposedly fighting to spread around the world and institute in Iraq by our example, and therefore undermining our credibility on such matters in the face of an already seemingly impossible mission. Therefore, giving us no leg to stand on in the institution of a free and open society in Iraq, ergo making the mission in Iraq infinite.


green libertarian said...

Nice rant, "Tom". I've come the opinion that they WANTED chaos in Iraq, all the more profit to be made for the various contractors over there, you know, the ususal suspects.

Anonymous said...

i like how you contort the issue, under the deception that you are one voice speaking for a military that is united in this opinion. how laughable. why not post your opinions for what they really are- opinions? oh wait, i know why, because then your rants would be completely irrelevant. its okay though, its not like anyone reads this shitty blog anyway. do you know what fallacies are? probably not, considering that every one of your rants is full of them; ad hominem being the most noticeable of them.

quit being ignorant. learn something